Indoor Air Quality & Air Purification Systems in Your Woodlands and Spring, TX Home

Breathing air is one of the most basic things we take for granted as humans. You probably don’t even think about the air you are breathing but for many people having fresh, clean air helps them live better lives or can help improve their quality of living.

How Can Bradbury Brothers Help Families with Allergies and Indoor Air Quality?

Start with Your Air Filters!

  • You probably have an air filter in your home but do you know where it is and the last time that you changed or cleaned it?
  • Do you know the size of your air filter?

If you don’t know you are not alone. No one thinks about their air filter until your air conditioning bill gets high or someone in your home has breathing problems or the air being blown out of your air conditioning system starts to smell. When you start to think about how your can improve your indoor air quality and lower your AC bill it’s time to call the Air Experts at Bradbury Brothers and ask about an Air Purification System.

Did You Know? Air filtration is measured in Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value, or MERV ratings. The values range from 1-16, with the higher MERV rating representing a greater filtration level.

  • Standard Air Filters (MERV Rating 1-12)

    A standard air filter that you buy to put in your air return grill range from 1 -12 MERV rating. This is the very basic and lowest cost price. Everyone has this type of filter but the average person may only change these filters twice a year. They should be changed once a month for best performance especially in our area of Texas because we run our air conditioners so often.

  • Media Filter (MERV Rating 7-14)

    Usually installed in your attic and normally considered disposable but it’s much more than the Standard Air Filter. They can eliminate the need of having a standard air filter. Because they are a step up you should changed them ever 6 months.

Key Benefits of the Service

  Color retention
  Insect resistant
 Splinter proof
  Ultra-low maintenance
  Impact resistant
  Slip resistant
  Fire resistant
  Easy to clean
  Stain resistant
  Environmentally friendly
  Water resistant
  Matching fascia options