We can add lighting features into your deck top and stairs to enhance the look of your home and maintain a clean and professional appearance. With hundreds of colors to choose from we use Gemstone Lights. The low profile color-matched track will hide the lights during the day and bring them to life at night with perfect spacing. Burch only partners with like-minded companies that uphold the highest levels of quality and customer service. Address each light individually for beautiful architectural patterns to add to your new landscaping, deck or fence.

Smart lighting with the Gemstone Lights App. Control which lights you want on and when. Customize and create your own colors and patterns while on the go with the cloud-enabled system. Control each lamp individually, add timers and create beautiful architectural patterns specific to your home.
Lets make life effortless and simple again!

Burch Landscaping has many years of experience in all phases of landscaping and our customer-focused approach makes the landscape experience just that, an experience. We want our customers to be there from the moment we get to the job until the end of the job so that they can have input too. We give attention to the smallest details so that you can focus on the bigger picture, turning your outdoor dreams into a reality so you can enjoy and put use to your outdoor living space.

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